About Me

Nikolaos "Nick" Debeyiotis specializes in creating value in middle-market commercial real estate, as well as rehabilitating and operating all types of properties, including multi-residential and triple net lease (NNN) commercial properties.

Nick is very active in the commercial real estate scene, particularly in the areas of multi-residential property acquisition, rehabilitation, and selling. Over the years, Nick has assembled an adept real estate management team, which continues to provide exceptional management of his many properties.

Nick Debeyiotis built his real estate enterprise from the ground up, putting in the hands-on effort, support, and hard work to create what is a widely-successful operation. Nick’s commitment to getting his hands dirty and determination to complete apartment turnovers in a timely manner not only enabled early success and growth, it also paved the way toward a bright and lasting future in the industry.

Currently, his main focus is identifying promising new property acquisitions to repair, rehabilitate, and transform into profit-producing resources over the long term.

While his business is based in Canada, Nick has expanded his real estate portfolio in recent years into the United States, primarily in the state of Florida. He maintains a sharp eye out for new real estate opportunities with significant value-add potential.

Nick was born in Athens, Greece, and moved to Montreal, Canada, in his early teens. Growing up in a real estate household, multi-family real estate captured Nick's interest early on.

This early interest and exposure to multi-family real estate provided a foundation of insight that informs his actions and his firm to this day. Nikolaos Debeyiotis came to understand the concerns of others and truly understand the needs of renters. Upon reaching adulthood, Nick entered the real estate industry on a full-time basis, utilizing what he had learned to grow his portfolio and develop a reputable, respected name in the real estate industry.

Through the years, Nick has also gained interest in other forms of investment, both related to real estate and outside of the industry. Nick thoroughly researches different types of investment that capture his interest, weighing risk and potential ROI carefully before diving in.

Yet, Nick’s main focus is still on creating value in multi-family properties. His ability to see a diamond in the rough has played a big role in flipping properties for a profit. Nick maintains a keen eye for quality opportunities and the strategies needed to build and add value for the foreseeable future.

Nick Debeyiotis says that when done well, value-add real estate strategies benefit all parties involved. Nick’s firm provides tenants with a more aesthetically pleasing property, one with updated appliances and more attractive community space achieved through renovations. As a result of these efforts, each property becomes more valuable, allowing higher rental rates and increased equity. Not only do current and future renters benefit from improved living spaces and amenities, but property owners reap the rewards of higher profitability and enhanced property value.

Along with his main focus on the Multi-Family market, Nick has also recently been focused on NNN commercial real estate.

These prime investment properties with long-term leases and credit tenants are often used by investors to create income for future generations. They also provide tenants a lower price point when it comes to the base lease. Because the tenant absorbs a portion of the maintenance, insurance, and property tax expenses in the NNN lease, they owe lower monthly rent payments than they would through a different type of lease agreement. As a result of the lower rent, landlords generally have an easier time finding tenants and securing consistent rental income.

Nikolaos Debeyiotis is also an avid stock market investor. He is active in the stock market and reports great success in this area. Nick prefers to focus on companies with simple, easily-understandable products, which have the potential to provide long-term value.

He avoids fads and "meme stocks" due to a belief that they will only be profitable in the short term or simply become obsolete. Nick takes a smart and measured approach to investing, selecting promising opportunities carefully while avoiding the rumors, hearsay, and panic trends that so often steer market behavior.

Nick Debeyiotis has a strong preference for activities that expand his knowledge and outlook. Reading is one of his favorite pastimes, and he is interested in a wide range of topics. When he gets interested in a particular one, he will read books dedicated to it and even research the topic further to learn all he can about it.

While rehabilitating and operating all types of real estate is Nick's main area of interest, he is always open to new ventures and ideas. Nikolaos Debeyiotis considers new investment opportunities seriously and carefully, considering and thoroughly evaluating promising new ventures before making a financial commitment.


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